Von diesen besonderen Künstlern habe ich die Erlaubnis ihre Bilder zu verwenden, wobe ich das ©® beachten werde.

Dafür möchte ich mich bei allen Künstler herzlichst bedanken.


Liebe Frau Ulrich,

gerne dürfen Sie unsere Motive für den unten
beschriebenen Zweck verwenden.
Wir wünschen Ihnen damit viel Freude.

Ganz herzliche Grüße,

Franz Berneder


Comment by Christina:  Ich bedanke mich herzlichst für die Erlaubnis.



Hallo Frau Ullrich, Zu Ihrer Frage:

Alles was sich im privaten Rahmen ohne kommerziellen, pornografischen oder gewaltverherrlichen Hintergrund bewegt, wird von uns stillschweigend geduldet.

In Ihrem Fall haben wir auch mit dem kostenlosen E-Card Versand kein Problem. Wichtig ist jedoch immer der Copyright Hinweis, dann kann nichts mehr schief gehen.
Ich wuensche Ihnen ganz viel Spass beim Tuefteln und ein wunderschoenes Wochenende!
PS: Bei weiteren Fragen einfach fragen, kein Problem :o)

Liebe Gruesse Mario Grawert
Comment by Christina:
  Ich bedanke mich herzlichst für die Erlaubnis.



Hallo Christine,
Ich bin einverstanden, du kannst meine Gemälde benutzen so wie du möchtest. Möchte aber aber deine Grafiken mit meine Bildern auch ansehen. Bitte schick mir die wenn du fertig bist mit deiner Arbeit die URL.  Mein Banner auf deiner Homepage wäre auch schön.  Hier sind meine Daten:


Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Andreas Seremak

Comment by Christina: Ein Dankeschön an Herrn Seremak



Anastasia Korochansckaja - 

TOU: Please add Art © 2005 Anastasia Korochansckaja and the website url is http://balaa.deviantart.com

on all finished work you make. This is from Ms. Korochansckaja herself: 
"As for uses, as long as my copyright info is left somewhere on whatever you may create, I am pretty much open to whatever you guys want to do with it.(Im sure I need not say that id much rather my work not be used in anything portraying anything sexual/violent/or otherwise demeaning to my work ;)) Aside from that, all I ask is for people to continue finding joy with my work..nothing more !!"

Comment by Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures your accreditation.



Ok. - you can use it for your private projects.
Please give link: Blumen Bilder -

Marek Mierzejewski

Comment by Christina: Thank you for your accreditation.



You can use the artwork for your project.

Gene Levin.
Art Levin, Inc. NY.

Comment by Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures your accreditation.



Images may be used for noncommercial web use only, with Copyright Alan Ayers noted, and a link to www.alanayers.com. 

For commercial use of any images, please contact us at alan@alanayers.com

Comment by  Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures.



Hi Christine,

Your site is very nice. You may use my artwork for your creations as long as my terms are followed http://www.beverleylu.com/usage.html

Please note, that I cannot give permission to membership groups or to share your creations with my artwork to membership groups. I also do not allow my artwork to be used in creating tubes.

Thank you for contacting me :)

Beverley Lu Latter


Comment by  Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures your accreditation.


Hi Christine,

Yes, you may use my art for non-profit. Please follow my Usage Policy here: 
Thanks for writing and greetings to Vienna! 

Best Wishes, E -- 
& www.ErickaBaque.com 

~The Magical Art of Ericka Baque-- now available on your cell phone carrier!~ 


Ericka's Art is available on Posters, Prints, T-Shirts, Journals & Many More Gift Items!

Comment by  Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures and your accreditation.



Hi, Christine, 
Thank you for your interest in using my images.
You may use any image you like, provided it is not used commercially or for financial gain;

also, do not alter or change an image in any way, although you may soften or frame the edges. Water ripple, snow-effect or similar animated effects are permissible as long as other art work is not incorporated into the image. 

Again, thanks for asking. Have fun!
Sincerely, Mr. D. "Rusty" Rust, Artist


Comment by  Christina: Thanks for your accreditation.



Hello Christine. You are welcome to use any of my pictures that you would like. If it is for something that you are going to place in the internet, please place my name on the graphic along with a copyright sign. 
Thank you for asking. I appreciate it a lot. Also, I think your English is good. I understand everything you asked.



Comment by  Christina: Thank you very much for your accreditation.



Dear Christine,

It is certainly fine with me if you would like to showcase some of my
work on your non-commercial "frames or fantasy-pictures", as long as you
establish a link to my web-site, and provide a full and prominent credit
for the artwork:

Artwork © - Jonathon Earl Bowser - www.JonathonArt.com

Please note that the link and credit MUST appear somewhere on the same
webpage (or graphic) as my copyrighted artwork. I also hope you might
someday consider purchasing one of the beautiful prints available on my
site; fine-art reproductions are available for as little as $19.95, and
an artist-signed 12-page catalog is only $10.

Thank you for your interest in my work - and be sure to visit again, new
work is added frequently.


Jonathon Earl Bowser - Artist

Comment by  Christina: Thank you so much for your accreditation.


I am thrilled and flattered by the number of you that want to use my artwork, but due to the sheer volume of requests, I am unable to give individual permission for each use of my work ( I would rather spend my time painting!). Please read the notes below and so long as you feel that you will be in compliance, please go ahead, and thank you for your interest and desire to use my images.

Please note that you should only contact Art Impressions Inc. if your request is to obtain a license to use my work commercially. 

Although the images on my web site are protected by copyright please feel free to use them in a non-commercial way (not for financial gain). I know a lot of people like to make up web sets, buttons and backgrounds. All I ask is that you credit the work to me and if possible put a link to my web site on your pages (please try to avoid linking directly to the pictures on my site as this uses up a lot of bandwidth).


Thanks to all of you who have been looking after my interests by alerting me to any misuse. 

If you keep an eye on the Fun Stuff section I will over time be adding pictures that can be used as wallpapers or electronic postcards.                            

Comment by  Christina: I say thanks for your wonderful pictures and accreditation.




My images can be used ONLY for NON-commercial ONLINE/INTERNET purposes. One example of commercial (and unlawful) use includes building websites that include my images for others for a fee without a written agreement. There should be no sexual content, written or visual on your pages involving my work. I also don't approve of my work being used to advance any social or political agendas.


Please keep in mind that my paintings/compositions/stories are meticulously planned and thought out. I realize the temptation to use part of the paintings. Feathering the edges of an image and creating animated effects such as moving water are acceptable. I do NOT approve of the creation of “Tubes” or other computer aided methods which involve dissecting portions of my paintings to create an entirely different image. I also request that you create a link back to my site as well, no matter how you use my work. This also applies to the creation of email stationery.

Comment by  Christina: I say thanks for your wonderful pictures and accreditation.



Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Could I please use your Artwork to create email stationaries,
web sets, tags or sigs for my MSN or Yahoo groups?
A: Sure you can, as long as it's for non-commercial purposes.
However there are some rules :o)

1. You have to contact me first! You can do so by clicking here.
2. My (c) Antje Darling has to be on the image if my orignial signiture
is not clearly visible on your sig/tag/stationary.
3. You will have to add a link back to my website.
4. I will have to be able to see your creation :o)
If you won't allow me to see what you do with my artwork, then I can't allow you to use it.
I think that's only fair. :o)
Q: Can I make tubes or brushes from your artwork?
A: No. Please don't even ask me anymore. The answer will always be a "No".

Comment by  Christina: Thank you for your wonderful pictures and accreditation.