If you would like to send me a testimonials about my Pixelsite or Memberarea,
please send me an
EMAIL...... everybody can see here all comments.. i hope of many feedbacks..

Möchtest du mir ein Feedback über meine Pixelsite oder meine Memberarea abgeben,
dann wäre es nett wenn du mir dies per
EMAIL...... sendest, jeder kann die Feedbacks lesen....

Thank you so much for all your nice comments... Vielen Dank an alle für ihre netten Kommentare...
Hi Christina,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your membership. You are my favorite pixel site. Your updates are of beautifully colored and are of great quality.
You update more than any other pixel site I belong to. Thanks so much for all your hard work. It is appreciated.
Hi Christina,
I've just entered your website ! It is wonderful ! just seen a little bit only and love it :) 
I want to congratulate on your great job, not only your site is beautiful but really well organized, I've never seen before such an easy to use framework in a membership area.
You can easily find everything and have a nice preview of the content of any single file !
It's amazing in a very huge content website as yours.
Just to let you know my sincere appreciation.

I´m so glad to be a member of FPD. Christina makes so cute and lovely thinks und there are so many updates, that you miss something, if you are not a member.



FPD is fantastic, a dream. Their memberarea is amazing. It is wonderful to be a member of a place so welcoming. Pixels and graphics that offers its members are spectacular. I love it and I am a proud member. The site is a few words ... a fantastic dream of pixels. Never a had a name as good. 


FPD is one of the best pixelsites i've ever seen!
Christina's memberarea is very cute, well organized and she updated her site frequently with cute, versatile and colorful graphics. I'm very proud to be a member of her site and i'll recommend everyone to join! 
FPD ist eine der besten Pixelseiten, die ich je gesehen habe! Christina's Mitgliederbereich ist wahnsinnig süß, gut organisiert und sie updated ihre Seite in regelmäßigen Abständen mit niedlichen, vielen verschiedenen und farbenfrohen Grafiken. Ich bin sehr stolz darauf ein Mitglied ihrer Seite zu sein und ich würde jedem raten auch Mitglied zu werden


huhu was soll man da schon schreiben....ausser das deine seite wunderbar ist..... deine updates sind klasse....
knuddis melanie


Hi Sweety,
thank you so much, thfor letting me be a Member of your area. You really do great job, and I like your Scenes as much as your shading on other things. Your are a great Artist and I love your adorable Site so much. Such cute things to find in your Membersarea, that I won't miss it anymore.
Thanks for let me be part of it =)

Big Hugs Michaela